Last nights Christmas Party went well (see photos) Fusion is now closed until January 2020.

Halloween Party (for Fusion members only)05ec9471e35d115749d6f5d1a660b3fa


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fusion flyer 2019

fusion newsletter August 2019

Can you help save Wakefield’s Autism Youth Group, Fusion?
Due to a large increase in rent Fusion will now rely on donations and funding to stay open, we are looking into funding, however at this point receive nothing only monies from events that goes towards equipment (such as below).

This Saturday, 29th June, support Fusion with Flag Fundraising in raising funds and having fun!D6471A08-8D6A-4AB7-B82E-6072406F8038 Fusion closed from 17th May 2019 for refurbishments to the building, the inside has been redesigned and we are looking forward to getting the most out of the new space once it’s completed! Exciting times!

Fusion takes over Podcast: two peas in a podcast Fusion members have chosen songs, interviewed each other and us, recorded their own songs and impressions to impress you (in association with 5towns Radio)

Anti-bullying Week!
“Myself, as well as many many others have suffered bullying, it stays with me and makes me feel faulty contributing massively to my depression. I do think not everyone realises they are bullying, with no idea of the lasting negative impact these words/actions have. Solution – just be kind! If you see bullying please report it. If you are suffering bullying or not sure if you are being bullied, talk to someone you trust!”
There are also places you can turn such as: anti-bullying-500x294fb2
Halloween Party – Members Only – Tuesday 30th October from 5:30pm Entry £3!

Turning Point Workshops for Fusion members, family, carers and friends. Must be over 18 years, Friday 23rd November, subject: Anxiety. The last one was good, please give a good turnout. Refreshments available.

Hear Fusion Youth Workers Dabion & Joe interviewed on Podcasts: two peas in a podcast  

Puppy Misty Blues visits monthly 








Turning Point are working with Fusions over 18s providing workshops for members and families/carers, they are also keen to learn how to make their services more Autism friendly. The first workshop, Friday 17th August was well received 🙂

Thank you to all who joined us last Tuesday in celebrating  all things Fusion. There was a good turn out, everyone had fun! Below are some of the highlights.








Tuesday 19th June – Open Evening – from 5:30pm
We hope to see you there!
online fusion flyer

Find us on Facebook: Fusion Tuesdays (13yrs+) and Fusion Fridays (15yrs+)








Saturday 14th April – 5Towns Radionathaniel

Karen, Craig and Fusion member Nathaniel, interviewed by Jo Speight to promote Fusion.  Nathaniel performed 3 songs beautifully and showcased a few of his brilliant impressions.

Photo: Nathaniel looking very smart all ready for his radio debut!

April is Autism Awareness Month! The National Autistic Society’s resent Autism Awareness campaign features a short movie clip, the article here with it is worth a read too!

NAS Autism Awareness 2018

Karaoke Lip Syn Evening Coming Soon!
Some highlights from previous karaoke evenings are on our YouTube page, link below:
Fusion Youth Group Karaoke / Lipsync

Yorkshire Post Online 27th January 2016
Yorkshire Post Article

Wakefield Launch Success! 19th January
There was a great turnout and everyone seemed to really enjoy the evening!








BIG LAUNCH – WAKEFIELD FUSION 19th Jan (Tuesday) from 5:30pm
at Portobello Community Centre! Celebrate with us, support us, eat cake with us! Awesome raffle prizes to be won!  The Mayor of Wakefield will be saying a few words.
Cake stall, refreshments, live music from Fusion member Will, talks from Rosie King, Sharon King, Alison Laycock & Jack Scarr.

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