Please take a look at some of the work our members do outside of Fusion… Be Inspired!

was comissioned to paint a selection of pillars and a large wall in The Ridings Shopping Centre, Wakefield.

Jay creates animations (he is self taught) and posts them on his YouTube channel:

Rosie raises great Autism Awareness and has done for many years now. Rosie has recently become a Youth Patron for Ambitious About Autism
Sesame Street Creates a New Muppet called Julia who has Autism
Is it a move forward for Awareness?  In this article Rosie King expresses her opinion as a 17 year old on the spectrum.
Standard Issue Magazine article by Rosie King

Dabion talks about his experiences with Autism, at The Wakefield Lit’ Fest’ on Saturday 19th Sept 2015 Part1 and Part2

Members Quotes

“Fusion is a great way to meet new people. No one will judge you or make fun of you. If you are having a bad day you can go to fusion and feel loads better or even sit quiet if you don’t feel like communicating and no one will pester you 🙂 meeting people who have some of the same problems as me has been a great confidence boost because I don’t feel alone. Fusion is Awesome! “
Kendra                                                                                               1604690_10152611321933957_1221422934_n

“It is good to be with friends to chill out and have a laugh. It has a good age range and also people my age that all get on with each other and understand each other.”

“I started Fusion at the very beginning because there was and still is nothing else suitable for me. The issue with autism is we are all so similar yet different, so it’s difficult for any AS group to cater for everyone. The problem with most groups is that they adapt the group for one extreme (such as those who don’t communicate well) or for the other (who, let’s say, have profound learning difficulties, maybe not even autism at all). A common issue with youth groups that are adapted for those with learning difficulties is that it doesn’t suit a lot of people like me, because we can’t always make friends with those that have these issues. It’s all well and good for those that do “fit”, but what about those that don’t? Those that can’t attend a normal youth club because they get bullied, or those that can’t attend a special youth club because they don’t make friends. That’s where Fusion comes in. Fusion is the ideal place for those who want to make friends and who want to socialise. It’s not a typical youth group. It’s so much more. It’s a platform for those on the spectrum to socialise, to make friends, and really to live their lives in a way that so many other people live, which is what I and so many people like me want to do. One of my mottos is you cant fit a round peg in a square hole, so why try? Let us be us.”



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