Film Reviews


The War with Grandma (PG) is a decently light hearted family comedy. with a good story & fun performances from Robert DeNiro, Uma Thurman. Christopher Walken and Jane Seymour. it has a good message too. 3/5
Skyline aka Skyline 3 (15), has a decent enough story. its even bigger & more spectacular then the previous two films, with amazing action & special effects. the performances are also great too. its best in the trilogy so far, but I wish that they could make more. 5/5
Disney’s live action version of Mulan (2020) (12), was well shot. with good performances by Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen. Jet Li & Jason Scott Lee. great action & shunt work. definitely one of the better live action remakes, along with 2016’s Pete’s Dragon. decently solid indeed. 3½/5

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (15) was a really good & enjoyable comedy adventure & a magnificent surprise directing return by Terry Gilliam. especially after the disappointing The Zero Theorem. beautifully filmed, with fabulous production design & great & fun performances. 4/5

Rag Doll (15) was a really good coming of age drama, about a young woman Nora trying to make it big as a mma fighter. brilliant performances from Shannon Murray. Dante Basco & Dot Marie Jones. it has good fight scenes & a end twist & its alot better then 2019’s ChokeHold. 3½/5

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The Doorman (15) is a decent & solid action film, with heart. Ruby Rose plays a good action hero well, along with the action scenes. Jean Reno is excellent as the main villain, and its also made really well by Godzilla: Final Wars & No One Lives director Ryuhei Kitamura. 3½/5

Seized (15) is a very good & gripping action film, with decent performances from Scott Adkins. Matthew Garbacz & Mario Van Peebles. brilliant action scenes. sold direction by Ninja: Shadow of a Tear director Isaac Florentine. similar to Taken, but its still great. 4/5

Legacy of Lies (15) had a strong story, with brilliantly well choreographed fight scenes & solid action. as Scott Adkins gives Jason Bourne a run for his money. not just with the action, but a emotional performance. Honor Kneafsey is great as his daughter as well. 3½/5

It my start of slow to begin with, but Cosmic Sin (15) was still a decent enough sci-fi thriller. with good acting from Bruce Willis. Frank Grillo. wwe wrestler Lana & others. good action when it gets going & it felt atmospheric with some nicely shot scenes. just worth a rent. 3/5

Fight Valley (15) was a surprisingly good female mma fighting film. with a really good & emotionally driven story, which dealt with mature themes pretty well. great performances from Erin O Brien. Cabrina Collesides & Miesha Tate & featuring good mma fighter cameos. a knockout. 4/5

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