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Disney’s live action version of Mulan (2020) (12), was well shot. with good performances by Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen. Jet Li & Jason Scott Lee. great action & shunt work. definitely one of the better live action remakes, along with 2016’s Pete’s Dragon. decently solid indeed. 3½/5

Lost Transmissions (15)
is one of best & brilliantly well acted films on mental health, I have ever seen in recent years. with a moving story & especially the performances from Simon Pegg as record producer Theo Ross & Juno Temple as shy singer Hannah. highly recommended. 4/5

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (15) was a really good & enjoyable comedy adventure & a magnificent surprise directing return by Terry Gilliam. especially after the disappointing The Zero Theorem. beautifully filmed, with fabulous production design & great & fun performances. 4/5

The Invisible Man (15) (2020) had good acting, especially from bbc’s Top of the Lake actress Elizabeth Moss. it had some decent kill scenes. but it is let down by trying to inject something new & daring into the story. not good as other classic film versions. but overall disappointing. 2/5

Rag Doll (15) was a really good coming of age drama, about a young woman Nora trying to make it big as a mma fighter. brilliant performances from Shannon Murray. Dante Basco & Dot Marie Jones. it has good fight scenes & a end twist & its alot better then 2019’s ChokeHold. 3½/5

Sonic the Hedgehog (PG) isn’t just a great video game adaptation. but a great film altogether. respectful to its source material & main title character, the humor isn’t insulting. Jim Carrey is fantastic as Dr Robotnic. some cool added surprise scenes during the end credits. I would love to see more films. 4/5

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Legacy of Lies (15)
had a strong story, with brilliantly well choreographed fight scenes & solid action. as Scott Adkins gives Jason Bourne a run for his money. not just with the action, but a emotional performance. Honor Kneafsey is great as his daughter as well. 3½/5

Nicholas Cage & his family descend into madness, on a alpaka farm. in Hardware & DustDevil director Richard Stanley’s visually beautiful cosmic sci-fi horror Color Out of Space (15). atmospheric, thought provoking & full of the color purple. with great performances & some gore. 4/5

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (12) may have been ridiculous, over the top & had some unexplained plot holes. but it was still a very good. entertaining thrill ride, with decent performances & action & one of the best episode installments todate. also plenty of nostalgic nods too. 4/5

2019’s Charlies Angels (12) was a disappointingly unmemorable & boring experience. Kristen Stewart, Djimon Hounsou, Sir Patrick Stewart & Sam Claflin were good & the action scenes were decent. but they still couldn’t save it. the early 2000 Charlies Angels films are much better. 2/5

Dragonheart 5: Vengeance (15), may not have been good as the previous four films. but it was still a decently well made fantasy adventure. with a wonderful story & score. good action & the cast work well together. especially Helena Bonham Carter as the voice of the new dragon. 3/5

Fight Valley (15) was a surprisingly good female mma fighting film. with a really good & emotionally driven story, which dealt with mature themes pretty well. great performances from Erin O Brien. Cabrina Collesides & Miesha Tate & featuring good mma fighter cameos. a knockout. 4/5

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