Film Reviews


I absolutely loved Predator/Predator 4 (15), had a really good story. fantastic gory action. awesome looking predators & a range of great characters. funny in parts too & Jacob Tremblay played a brilliantly convincing & realistic representation of autism. although I would love to see another film. I seriously think this should be the last one & a great final film to end the series. thank you to The Last Boy Scout & Last Action Hero screen writer Shane Black for making this film. 4/5 🙂

Christopher Robin was wonderfully acted, with a lovely story & great & faithful voice acting. Ewan Mcgregor really channels a older version of the title role very well. especially when dealing with responsibilities between his job, family life & Winnie the Pooh & friends. 3/5 

The Meg (12a) was the most disappointing film I have seen. its boring & restricted of human blood. its just full of talking for nearly an hour. the shark only eats three people with no blood. Ruby Rose’s performance wasnt very good. theres been alot of better made shark films before this. 1/5 

AntMan & The Wasp (12a) wasn’t just as good as the first AntMan film. but its the best Marvel Studios film todate, with a very good story. brilliant action. special effects & acting. also its very funny. plus make sure you stay after the end credits. 5/5 

Deadpool 2 (15) wasn’t just a superior film to the first, it had a better story & heart. bigger & better action. It was even funnier & just a lot of fun & felt more of a Deadpool film. Josh Brolin as Cable & Zazie Beetz as Domino were stand outs, also please stay through the end credits. 5/5

Justice League was awesome, it had great action. character development. a really good story. humor & I loved Danny Elfman’s score (which also added certain nostalgia). It reminded me abit of the video game Injustice. Plus please stay during the end credits. I enjoyed the ride. 4/5

The Greatest Showman this film had everything I love in a movie done to top quality, the songs were fantastic, the cast, direction and storyline! If this is your kind of film you won’t be able to see it only once. An uplifting energetic explosion of delight! 5billiontrillion/5

Wonder Woman was spot on! Great action and effects, great everything. Feel empowered! 5/5

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 The cuteness of baby groot almost over shadows everything else, however everything else is fantastic too! The characters we had come to love from the first film bringing us action and emotion, with plenty of laughter, the opening scene is mint! 100% entertained. Stay for all the extra clips during the credits too. Fave film of all time! A good film to watch with the family too! 5/5

DVD Film Review: it may have been loosely based on the video game of the same name. but Rampage was still a entertaining action adventure, about Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson teaming up with his sign language gorilla George fighting against a giant sized crocodile & wolf. The Losers & The Walking Dead actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is fantastic in it too 3/5

DVD Film Review: Solo: A Star Wars Story (12) was definitely better then The Force Awakens. The Last Jedi & the first two prequels The Phantom Mence & Attack of the Clones. Alden Ehrenreich was no Harrison Ford, but still played a great different Han Solo. also Ron Howard’s direction is fantastic. 5/5. 🙂

DVD Film Review: Eli Roth’s 2018 Death Wish (18) was actually a decent remake. up there with the original Death Wish’s one to three. but definitely better then four & five. Bruce Willis’s portrayal of Paul Kersey, may not be as good or memorable as Charles Bronson. but he still packs emotional take on the character. the action is more detailed in this version, due to Roth’s trademark nastiness. also its different then the original, instead of a scene by scene remake. has similar radio station segments like in The Brave One starring Jodie Foster. but if you want to watch a even better remake of Death Wish. check out James Wan’s Death Sentence starring Kevin Bacon instead. 3/5 

DVD Film Review: Jigsaw (18) aka Saw 8 was equally as intense. over the top & entertainingly gory as all the other previous installments. this time about four other victims who must “confess” there horrible past mistakes to move forward & survive in John Kramer’s games of death. superb. 5/5 

DVD Film Review: Besides from its shaky cam problems in some scenes, Mohawk (18) is still a fantastic historical action adventure. filled with dredd. atmosphere. excellent performances. amazing musical score & gory violence. TV’s Hemlock Grove actress Kaniehtiio Horn is phenomenonal (2018). 5/5 

DVD Film Review: Scorched Earth (15) was a decent enough post apocalyptic action western. starring In The Blood actress Gina Carano as the awesome main hero getting revenge, with the help of John Hannah & also featuring a great villain played by Ryan Robbins. but it feels like a rejected. but fun what if sequel to Richard Stanley’s amazing DustDevil. 3/5 

DVD Film Review: Based on the 1970’s superhero series of the same name, 2016s Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (15) starring Grace Helbig & Hannah Hart as the titled heros was a blast. I had a good time watching it. very funny with great characters. some good action scenes. a clever parody of hollywood & superheros. plus the end credit theme song is ace. fantastic stuff. 4/5 

DVD Review: Accident Man (15) is a brilliantly brutal action film, with also a great sense of humor. cracking fight scenes. entertaining characters & a really good story. Scott Adkins. Ray Stevenson. Amy Johnston. Michael J White & others, you could tell they were having a good time in their roles. 4/5

DVD Film Review: Co produced by Con Air & Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer & directed by Adrian Lyne, who went on to direct Fatal Attraction & Jacob’s Ladder. Flashdance (15) was uplifting, inspiring & a feelgood 80’s dance film classic. which deals with conquering & never letting go of your dreams. while dealing with mature themes too. also featuring a awesome soundtrack & memorable dance scenes involving the films main character, brilliantly played by Jennifer Beals (who is also body doubled by Marine Jahan & male dancer Richard Colon in some of the dance scenes). its also very funny & has afew other great characters, who you will care about too. this will definitely make you get up & dance & be proud of who you are (1983). 4/5 

DVD Film Review: Cyborg X (18) was a ultimate bloodbath of destructive sci-fi action, about a group of survivors with the help of Danny Trejo. very similar to Richard Stanley’s 1990 masterpiece Hardware. also with great characters & story too. 5/5 

DVD Film Review: Directed by Wild Hogs & tv’s Shameless USA actor William H Macy. The Layover (15) is a little fun comedy, about two best friends Alexandra Daddario & Kate Upton competing against each other over hot tv’s Valor actor Matt Barr, while on holiday. its a worthy funny enough rental. 3/5 



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