Film Reviews


Deadpool 2 wasn’t just a superior film to the first, it had a better story & heart. bigger & better action. It was even funnier & just a lot of fun & felt more of a Deadpool film. Josh Brolin as Cable & Zazie Beetz as Domino were stand outs, also please stay through the end credits. 5/5

Justice League was awesome, it had great action. character development. a really good story. humor & I loved Danny Elfman’s score (which also added certain nostalgia). It reminded me abit of the video game Injustice. Plus please stay during the end credits. I enjoyed the ride. 4/5

The Greatest Showman this film had everything I love in a movie done to top quality, the songs were fantastic, the cast, direction and storyline! If this is your kind of film you won’t be able to see it only once. An uplifting energetic explosion of delight! 5billiontrillion/5

Wonder Woman was spot on! Great action and effects, great everything. Feel empowered! 5/5

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 The cuteness of baby groot almost over shadows everything else, however everything else is fantastic too! The characters we had come to love from the first film bringing us action and emotion, with plenty of laughter, the opening scene is mint! 100% entertained. Stay for all the extra clips during the credits too. Fave film of all time! A good film to watch with the family too! 5/5

Directed by the director of the brilliant Sightseers, Ben Wheatley’s new action film
Free Fire
isn’t very good, because it’s just about a group of people who meet up in a warehouse, argue over absolutely nothing & then shoot each other for no reason. what so ever, yes some of the action is good & the cast really do try their best to act & have fun. but its really let down by its terrible story, boring setting & same old shootouts throughout. disappointingly, just don’t bother. 2/5

DVD Review: Accident Man is a brilliantly brutal action film, with also a great sense of humor. cracking fight scenes. entertaining characters & a really good story. Scott Adkins. Ray Stevenson. Amy Johnston. Michael J White & others, you could tell they were having a good time in their roles. 4/5



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