Youth Workers

Karen and Craig are a married couple who set up and run Fusion. Karen is on the Autistic Spectrum, as are 2 of her children. She previously worked supporting adults with severe autism and additional needs in a day centre. Karen loves animals, especially penguins and dogs, she often has blue, or some unusual colour hair.

Craig is very supporting of Autism with plenty of experience of the condition over the last 4 and a half years.  Craig has ADHD, he is funloving and easy to approach, he is obsessed with the band Kiss and he likes to win people at Pool. Craig is Fusions First Aider.

From left; Karen, Craig, Dabion and Joe

Dabion is 35, he has been a Fusion Youth Worker for about 2 years. Dabion is supportive, friendly, and considerate to everyone.  Dabion likes watching wrestling, purchasing comics and watching films. Dabion often writes film reviews for the Fusion website. He is easy to get along with and has a diagnosis of Autism.

Joe is diagnosed with Aspergers, he is 19 and new to his role as a Youth Worker. Joe is caring and kind and loves to be helping people. Joe likes online car gaming, technology and photography, he is Fusions Photographer too!

Radka often helps out at the Tuesday group, Radka has lots of experience in working with mental health groups, currently working for Richmond Fellowship. She brings lots of creative craft ideas to group and is a lovely friendly person.

We are all DBS checked.

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