Turning Point Workshops on Anxiety & Sleeping at Fusion for 18+F9B94114-4446-4450-94BD-37C9C0846A07Fusion October Party0921CAC5-0230-4A00-B208-3B0867D4108A


Learning about stars and planets from Fusion member Tom, fascinating stuff.  We watched The International Space Shuttle travelling over Fusion tonight, which was cool. This is Toms selfmade Star Map.


Candle Making



Ricky & Andrew playing pool


Take Away Evening


Unicorn Hot Chocolates


Katherine & Joe editing films Fusion members made with CoActive, great experience for those who joined in. These sessions involved Fusion members learning and doing filming, acting, creating special effects, editing etc, thank you CoActive! (Last session next week)

Christmas Party


Pumpkin Decorating




Other stuff


Connors Skittles Experiment


Comic-Con 2016







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